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    Issues Reinstalling.  Please Help!!


      Hello I am having a frustrating issue reinstalling mcafee.

      the steps I have taken are below, any hint would be greatly appreciated.


      1) Uninstalled mcafee using the windows uninstall program.

      2) Reinstalled mcafee, stops in the installation step saying there is an error and can't install

      3) Gives me the error message that previous mcafee files could be disrupting the installation.  Why mcafee has an issue with itself is astounding to me and so dumb.

      4) The page states to make sure there are no windows Updates.  installed all windows 7 updates and attempted to reinstall mcafee.

      5) Same error, Mcafee is having an issue installing.

      6) I run your MCRP or whatever that is supposed to clean all old McFee files.  This says after it has running that it has failed to clean all the files.  How in the world is this possible!? It's what it is designed to do...find and delete the old Mcafee files!


      I am so beyond frustrated with this product.  Please help me find a solution before I go to Norton.

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