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    Malware removal Help please


      I have the dreaded mal/spyware BrowserFoxbb on my laptop.  It is a Dell Inspiron 1545.  I have Windows Defender on it as a temporary shield as McAfee Total Protection, True-Key,  is not re-installing correctly.  Defender says it has found the malware and is removing same, but guess what...It Isn't/hasn't.  I have temporarily denied access to the file : {8ca7f150-5454-4b4c-9537-1b831c71d329}Gw64.sys  through the properties dialog for that file, but not sure that is working either.  The direct path leading to this file is as follows :  C:\Windows\System32\drivers.  

      McAfee did quarantine it at one time, and when I hit the removal/delete button in McAfee, a prompt came up saying that it could not be removed. 

      The same thing holds true for Windows Defender.

      This software is raising havoc on my computer, I was able to go into Windows Troubleshooting and repair a lot of the problems caused by it, and also dumped my temp files.  Ireset Chrome to default settings and cleared all history, cache, etc., back to the beginning of time. With all that however laptop still extremely slow.  Running Win10Pro on a system that started with Vista, with guaranteed free upgrades.  This path was followed as : Vista / Win7Home / Win10Home / Win10Pro.  RAM on this PC not great ... 3GB.  Drive Space OS C: 158GB of 218 free. 


      Given you all as much as I think you might need to help me out.  Is there any help for me.


      P.S. I did have the one time purchase of Tech Support from McAfee, where they accessed my computer to "fix" it, but this particular problem surfaced almost immediately after that.


      Thanks ahead of time for any assistance