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    Truncate "Request.Header.FirstLine" before first appearance of "?"




      we currently write "Request.Header.FirstLine" to our access log.

      This is becoming a problem, because the often very long session information consumes more (disk) space then the rest of the entry, and security department has concerns about leakage of sensitive data.

      To address this, I would like to truncate the line before the beginning of the "query" part (i.e. first appearance of "?").


      So far, this works with 


      String.ReplaceIfEquals (String.ReplaceFirstMatch (Request.Header.FirstLine, regex(\?.*), "?TRUNCATED"), "", "-")


      But then every single log entry has to be parsed with a Regular Expression (I tried wildcard "\?*", but that did not work), which I fear wil be resource intensive.


      Is their a smarter way to achieve this?


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