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    McAfee Antivirus Plus not allowing Internet connection


      I am once again experiencing this issue with the latest version of Internet Explorer (my browser preference, but also fails with FireFox) on my PC running Windows 7.  This happened a couple of days ago, and it just happened again after totally removing the McAfee program, running MCPR, and then re-installing.  It completed successfully (version 14.0.R12) and worked for awhile this morning, but in less than 4 hours time it's now not allowing Internet connectivity.  Disabling the Firewall allowed me to connect and access this website so I can enter this question and create this post.  There a numerous similar threads on this, so what's going on guys?

      I had a similar issue back in May of 2015, and disabling NetGuard was the workaround then.  Now I no longer even see NetGuard as a component.


      Buy the way, I've also experienced the McAfee lockup when it tries to update.  All of this is getting pretty old; please fix this guys.  I also noticed the message about Tech Support experiencing long hold times.  Perhaps it's all these issues with the McAfee Antivirus variants.