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    McAfee constantly installing updates for days


      Hey there. I'm not an english guy, so forgive me for my bad talk, if i do so.

      My McAfee stopped to work properly. I don't know, for how long, I don't go to its menu too often, but: It constantly says "installing updates in progress" like on picture one. I cannot access the main menu or window.

      I looked at task manager (or whatever, i mean ctrl + esc) and looked at McAfee processes. First five of them seems to work, i mean its memory usage updates and differs slightly every couple of seconds, so... The mcupdatemgr.exe which SHOULD be working is frozen, some below may be frozen too, i haven't been looking at them for too long...

      So... what to do? I can't even kill the process, you know, access denied. Reinstall?

      I don't even know if I'm safe...









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