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    McAfee Total Protection (PC) not working


      Apparently, my McAfee AV is not working.  Although when I click on the McAfee icon, it states that "Your computer is secure" - but I do not receive updates, I also cannot use any of the tools.  Also, none of the links provided, ie: Learn More, left side links under Navigation work.  They go nowhere. My last virus scan was Jan 19th, Vulnerability Scanner was Jan 23rd, Quick Clean just runs but doesn't do anything.  I downloaded MVT Health Check and received 8 problems - most of them are under McSvHost.exe" /McCoreSvc.  Another tool downloaded is 37 pages long!  The main problem was that my McAfee software was ready to expire.  To fix this problem, I had to enter my email address and password.  I'm with Cox Communications, so I entered that email/PW.  An error message came back that both or one were incorrect. So I requested a new PW.  I went over to Cox, clicked on Help With McAfee, and it shows an email address "636_myemailaddress @cox.net under McAfee ???  The PW was blanked out. McAfee sent a PW which was good for 72 hours only, but they sent it to "636_myemailaddress @cox.net.  Where am I going to find that email address to get the PW? The other error message was that my time was incorrect on my computer.  I'm in AZ - so the time never changes!  So I have no idea how to fix that problem!


      I called Cox this past Sunday and they had me uninstall McAfee (through Windows 7-Professional) and reinstall.  Still doesn't work, plus all of my history is gone.  Cox did not tell me to finish uninstall with the MCPR Tool.  So maybe I need to uninstall again, use the MCPR Tool and reinstall?  I'm not sure how many times I can reinstall McAfee through Cox.


      Thank you for any help!  I'm really worried that I'm not really protected.



      PS:  funny thing is, the only thing that does work is Shredder!