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    EPO4 order stations by memory

      I have a fleet of large and heterogeneous machines (about 8000 computers)
      I still have 2900 computers with less than 512MB of memory and therefore no longer usable with virusscan 8.7.
      So I want two deploy strategy, one for machine with more than 512Mo and viruscan 87 and second for machine with less than 512Mo and virucan 85.
      I saw that it was possible to draw EPO4.0 machines following characteristics memories with markers on my server but it does not work automatically.
      Can you help me?
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          go to systems
          tag catalogue
          new tag
          choose a name
          apply your new tag using the total physical memory > eg 520000000 bytes
          apply and set to apply at tagging interval

          you have now tagged every pc with more than 512 MB of memory with that tag name

          you can apply specific tasks to tag groups
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            Thank for your answer.
            Is it possible to order the machine at its first connexion?
            Because between two order a new station could load wrong strategies.
            In example download and install viruscan87 instead of download and install viruscan85
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              as part of the tag properties I talked about earlier you can choose to apply the tag criteris on each agent communication:

              "On each agent-server communication and when a "Run Tag Criteria" action is taken "

              this should (no promises) catch and apply the tag before initial deployment runs, but you may have to play with the timing of your deployment task
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                Simply create separate deployment tasks for McAfee Agent, VSE 8.5 and VSE 8.7
                Create a tag called "low memory" for machines < 512 MB
                Create a group called low memory an let machines with the tag "low memory" automatically sort into this group
                Assign the VSE 8.5 deployment task only to this group
                So McAfee Agent deploys to all machines, VSE 8.7 deploys to all machines except the "low memory" group, VSE 8.5 only depolys to the "low memory" group.
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                  Systems -> System Tree -> Group -> Sorting criteria -> edit
                  Sort the following systems into this group: Systems that match any of the criteria below (IP addresses and/or tags)
                  under Tags select your Tag

                  and enable system tree sorting under Configuration -> Server Settings

                  before you enable system tree sorting, you can test the sorting, select the machines you will test and under "more actions" you can "test sort", then you can see in which group the machines would be sorted
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                    this thread has alot of relevant information that i'll be using.

                    one question though - do these systems stay in that group/subgroup once sorted? or do they get put back into their proper group once the Active Directory Sync task runs?

                    if not - is there a proper way of moving all the machines back to their proper groups after they are compliant with our chosen criteria?

                    i have two tags set as the following.

                    compliant - machines that have the 4.0 agent and ATLEAST vs 8.5
                    non compliant - these machines can have a 4.0 agent but if it doesn't have ATLEAST vs 8.5 then it's still considered non compliant.

                    sorry about hijacking the thread but i think these are questions that could help us.

                    thanks again for any help.
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                      depends on if you set the tag to reapply at every agent communication interval
                      • 9. Can systems be sorted automatically prior to agent deployment?
                        I have my tags all set up and the tags are being set correctly. I have sorting turned on and it is enabled on each system.

                        The catch I am running into is that it seems like all the sorting happens at agent-server communication. If the agent is not yet deployed, then the system sits where it was before the tag was applied.

                        If I click on a system and say "Sort now" it moves to the right spot in the tree, but is there a way to schedule a "sort now" task to run?

                        I have scheduled the application of the tags, but they do not actually do the move until I click on a brach or leaf and say sort now.

                        I have a scheduled task to add machines into a "Workstations" group on AD discovery. This is chained to a task to enable sorting on all machines in the Workstations branch. Then each machine has a tag applied. Say it is "Laptop" or "Desktop" and the Laptop tag applies, but it does not move the system into the "Laptop" branch. The system is tagged "Laptop", but it doesn't move out of the "Workstations" branch. If I click on a particular computer and say "Sort now." The system moves to the "Laptop" branch as expected. Is there any way for me to add a task to my chain that says, evaluate and sort all the machines in "Workstations"?