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    Intermittent Post AnalyticsSDK


      A few weeks ago my wife's computer started having problems with connecting to the internet.  Something (seeminglyly McAfee) would intermittently block all browsers from accessing the internet, then Skype was also blocked.  This started as intermittent, but last week it became constant.


      I looked in the task manager and found that Analytics SDK was using masses of memory, so initially I disabled Client Analytics and then I downloaded the then latest update, as suggested in the other thread.  The problem appeared to have been solved.  Unfortunately that was not the end of the matter.  Today she has found that her internet is blocked again.  A further feature of the problem is that when the internet is blocked like this the McAfee icon stops working and I can't open McAfee.  Checking the task manager the AnalyticsSDK isn't using much memory, so this is no longer the problem.


      The Anti-Virus is McAfee 19.0, build 19.3.3060, update 07/02/2017, engine 2883.0.  My guess is that something in the new update has started the problem again.  Any ideas how to sort this out?