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    Epo sorting criteria Query


      Hi All.


      I have a question that needs some clarification regarding Sorting criteria based on tags.


      I have 3 Groups under Epo let's say

      Group A

      Server Group B - sub group under group A

      Workstation Group C - sub group under group B


      I go ahead and create a manual tag without any criteria and next I apply the above tag to systems for servers under lost and found

      Group A being a parent group already has a different Tag associated under sorting criteria to sort Application servers say " app tag"

      Group B has a server tag under sorting criteria to sort systems which has tag "server" applied to systems under lost and found.


      In the above scenario will the servers with server tag move to sub group B ??

      I read up an article stating the parent group should either have same server tag or set to none


      How will the sorting work in this scenario any best practice ??