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    vmware vRealize Operations Manager syslog parsing



      Could anyone please confirm if there is any default ASP rule for parsing vmware vRealize Operations Manager syslog?

      I am receiving these logs as 'unknown events'!


      The screenshot below shows some logs I am receiving to McAfee Receiver.


      Thank you.

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          Hi i think there is no standard parser for this product of vmware. But you can write your own parser or you can active all other parser for vmware for this Datasource. Maybe one of them will parse your log.

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            Thank you.

            Enabled all VMware parsers but no avail.


            I will try creating custom parser.



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              If its finished can you share this parser?

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                I have created multiple (one long RegEx or multiple short ones) but here are couple which are working for me. Please note these are still in development phase and will be tuned further:


                __Rule Name:

                "vRealize Sending 'Task Function' task to Alive"

                __Sample Log:

                <14>1 2017-02-10T20:51:17.019326Z vRealize - - - [liagent@6876 filepath="/usr/lib/xxxxxxxxxxx.log" vmw_vr_ops_appname="vROps" vmw_vr_ops_logtype="COLLECTOR"] 2017-02-10 15:51:16,818 INFO  [pool-6-thread-1] com.integrien.alive.collector.CommunicatorThread.sendTask -    -> Sending 'Task Function' task  to Alive (id: 756584, cid: 1) Details: AgentMailboxRemoteProxy.retrieveAgentTokensWithCommands


                1. (\d{4}\x2D\d{2}\x2D\d{2}.\d{2}\x3A\d{2}\x3A\d{2})
                2. filepath\x3D\x22([\x2F\x2D\x2E\w]+)
                3. [\x5F\w]+\x3D\x22(\w+)\x22\s+[\x5F\w]+\x3D\x22(\w+)
                4. (Sending\s+\x27Task\s+Function\x27\s+task\s+to\s+Alive)
                5. Details\x3A\s+(\w+\x2E\w+)



                __Rule Name:

                "vRealize Log in successfull"

                __Sample Log:

                <142>Feb  9 09:50:57 vRealize - UserId : 3abe1e6d-691e-4cd7-8da7-3349814d9642, UserName : xxxxxxxxxxxxx, AuthSource : LOCAL, Session : 3abe1e6d-691e-4cd7-8da7- 3349814d9642::f9775b5b-f9bd-411f-b517-abed3de5ec77, UserAction : LOGIN,  - Log in successfull


                (\w+\s+\d{1,2}\s+(?:\d{1,2}\x3a){2}\d{1,2})\s+(vRealize)\s+\x2d\s+UserId\s+\x3a\ s+[a-zA-Z0-9\x2d]+\x2c\s+UserName\s+\x3a\s+(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)\x2c\s+AuthSource \s+ \x3a\s+LOCAL\x2c\s+Session\s+\x3a\s+[a-zA-Z0-9\x2d]+\x3a\x3a[a-zA-Z0-9\x2d]+\x2 c\s+UserAction\s+\x3a\s+(LOGIN)\x2c\s+\x2d\s+(Log\s+in\s+successfull)