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    I cannot log into to truekey all of a sudden, why are all these silly McAfee problems occuring!?!?!?


      So a McAfee technician had to uninstall and re-install my McAfee Internet Security (including truekey), because Google Chrome kept crashing due to an Analytics SDK issue. (that problem seems to be ok for now, no crashing so I will see if its all fixed) He did not re-install TrueKey and rudely left, saying I had to do it myself. So I download TrueKey without an issue, and when I try to log in using the exact same log-in information as yesterday (which worked), I get a a "something went wrong" message. Now I spoke to a live-chat technician, and they said its to do with the download not working correctly, or the account not syncing properly. So he re-installs it, and I try to log-in...same issue. He then says some rubbish about having to delete my account (which will take 7 business days), and having to create a completely new account, thus LOSING ALL MY PASSWORDS!!!


      Last time I had this issue of not being able to log-in, it ended up being an issue with McAfee's TrueKey, and I had to wait a day for the servers to work again. So please, I want an answer, and I want to top being taken for a fool, these problems with McAfee since signing up with them have ****** me off big time!



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