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    Does restoring an older version of Mcafee Internet Security version fix Google to stop crashing?


      So my Chrome kept crashing after about 20 minutes of use. I could not re-open Chrome either, and there was always 1 chrome processor open in task manager that would not close, seemed as if it was some type of buy. So I had to restart my PC everytime.


      So I spend all day speaking with Google forums, with them telling me check firewall, disable it, uninstall Chrome, install it again, stressing ALL day. It then crashed again after 2 hours of using Chrome, so what I had been doing all day clearly did not work.


      I speak to McAfee live chat, and they tell me its the latest version of McAfee that causes Chrome to crash. So the McAfee technician restore my Mcafee Internet security. They say this should fix it, so IF it does (I really hope it does), why was I not informed via email? Why have I stressed and wasted my whole day trying to fix it? But I still have this

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