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    Suspicious files preventing LiveSafe from re-installing


      I have been using McAfee LiveSafe for a couple of years without problems.  Last weekend LiveSafe's Real-Time Scanning feature stopped working.  McAfee support said that the application needed to be uninstalled and then reinstalled.  I was able to uninstall it just fine but kept getting an error message when trying to reinstall it.  I had a remote support session with a McAfee tech support rep.  He tried to reinstall LiveSafe as well but could not.  He then ran GetSusp.  It identified 7 unknown and 2 suspicious files.  He told me that the suspicious files suggested that the computer was infected with a virus and that I should call McAfee's Virus Removal team.  I did contact that team but after they reviewed the 2 suspicious files they said that although they were not infected with a virus that one of those files was probably preventing LiveSafe from installing.  They said that I should remove the files and try installing again.  I don't want to remove files that appear to be in use by other programs.  One of the files is associated with TurboTax that I just installed.  So I suspect that that is the file causing the problem.  It does not really seem possible that the only way that I can install LiveSafe is to remove other programs.  Do you have any suggestions as to how I can install LiveSafe without removing the the other programs?