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    Why does LiveSafe need to update software (not definitions) every day


      I can't believe McAfee is issuing a software update every day.  Both of my computers keep prompting me that the program needs to close to update the software.  Every day?  I'm not talking about definitions.


      Since this is happening on both of my laptops I can only determine this is a software issue.  This just started about a week ago.  I wanted to uninstall McAfee LiveSafe then reinstall it, but I don't know where to find the full program.  The only place I could find is where I can send a link to another device/computer then it generates a new serial number.  I'm assuming that isn't the right place.


      I am worried that LiveSafe may be broken and is not protecting my laptops if these daily updates are failing.  I never get an error message.  I only received a message every day it has to close the software for an update which I had never received before for just a regular update.