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    Annoyed every year at renewal messages!


      As a long time user of McAfee products, I have no complaint with the products.  But receiving ads, or being referred to a site that attempts to sell me on a product that I'm already using is a waste of my time.  And it seems to happen every time I attempt to find my way to my account.  Admittedly that is rare, so I'm also not real familiar with it.


      Today, an email informed me of the impending renewal.  I needed to check to be sure the card on file was current.  Using the My Account link in the email, takes me to a 'special offer' of the very product that I already own.  Sure there is a drop down to access "my account" (if I've gotten over my irritation enough to see it), but why didn't the link in the email go there?  Am I supposed to 'sign up' for the special and save $10?  That would be even more irritating... if I don't need to do anything I don't see the special offer?


      I'm sure the offer is for 'new' subscribers.  The 'my account' link in emails sent to current subscribers should not be tied to this ad.


      There.  I'm done!  off my chest.  wanted to say this for years.