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    Issues when upgrading systems from to the latest - error installing EEADMIN


      We have just started testing the latest Drive encryption We are using the latest repost version. All our test systems are running with DE with pre-boot enabled. When we send a client task to install the 7.2 version I see an "error occurred while installing EEADMIN_1000" as shown in the screen capture that is attached. From the ePO server is reports that all the components have been updated to During my testing, I have tried disabling pre-boot, via a policy, and noticed that it will never remove pre-boot. We still have machine running, and these system have no issue removing pre-boot. Has anyone else seen EEADMIN_1000 giving an error.


      Did come across a recent KB article 85932 that metions what to do with this error. It requires deactivating encryption, and manually removing the DE components on the client system. This does not seem right as we have had both our two test machine display this issue. We can't have this occurring in the field as we don't have enough techs and can't decrypt drives to fix. Does anyone have a solution or idea before I make a call to Tech support. I hate to engage support as the last time we had a DE issues it took over 4 weeks to fix with me talking to Tier 1, Tier 2 and finally Tier 3.


      McAfee Corporate KB - Error occurred while installing EEADMIN_1000 (unable to install the EEAdmin package) KB85932