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    Proxy update failed to download file


      We are getting these errors from our two boxes:


      Date-time hostname %PROXY_UPDATE: [Date-Time +00:00] Failed to download file: sfcontrol.64904

      Date-time hostname %PROXY_UPDATE: [Date-Time +00:00] Failed to download file: datfiles_gwam_incr_5488_5489.tar.gz


      Do we have a knowledge base to describe errors like this in this community?

      And would this error means that we cannot get updates from mwg-update.mcafee.com?

      And how can we resolve it?  Anything to do from our end?

      And is there any command to verify that these updates are already successful.


      Appreciate any assistance on this issue.


      Thank you.

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          this means MWG failed to download the two files mentioned. One file is for the URL categorization, the other one is for the Anti Malware engine. The big question is now if this is a temporary or a permanent problem. Even if a download fails there are several attempts to download the files again and even if all attempts fail MWG will try to fetch the files again when the next update job is triggered, which is usually 15 or 30 minutes later, so usually there is no risk in not receiving updates.


          Can you check what versions are currently installed? You can check this in the dashboard.