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    Loss of permission sets in the registry


      We have been noticing lately that random deployments from ePO is causing workstations to have corrupted permission sets within the registry.

      This in turn is causing the McAfee agent to no longer communicate with ePO.


      Here are the three different scenarios that I have seen so far;


      1 - Re-deployment of the McAfee agent using ePo's "Deploy Agents" action. (deploying an agent over an existing agent)

      2 - Upgrading the McAfee agent from to using ePO's deployment task.

      3 - Deploying ENS 10.2 onto workstations.


      In most cases, ePo reports that the deployment was successful but when you verify the workstation, the deployment did not complete.

      If you launch SERVICES.MSC and look at McAfee's services, you will notice that the McAfee Agent Common Service is stopped.

      If you try to manually start the service, you get the message in the following figure.






      At this point I try to manually uninstall the McAfee agent using the following command  ...\frminst.exe /remove=agent   or  ...\frminst.exe /forceuninstall  and I get the following messages;




      If I click Ignore I get...




      I click Ignore again and ...




      As mentioned in a prior post, I tried to manually install VSE 8.8p5 expecting it to re-install over the agent and allow me to re-deploy as stated in this link, I get the following error.




      At this point, there is nothing I can do but to rebuild the workstation!


      This is very frustrating for the user and concerning for the ePO admins!


      What is causing ePO to corrupt the registry's permission set as stated in the above link?