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    Slow PC with Endpoint Security 10.5


      Upgraded from virusscan 8.8, endpoint DLP, host intrusion prevention 8.0 to the new Endpoint Security 10.5.  pushed this to about 20 test pc's and they are all showing around 65% memory usage, cpu spikes to 100 percent and even the disk spikes to 100 percent.  this is deployed on windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows 10.  also to desktops and laptops with mcafee encryption.  Any ideas or suggestions of were to look.  Mostly the task manager shows the Mcafee scanner service as the highest useage.  Thanks.

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          OAS in Threat Prevention is probably the most logical place to start....try turning it off. If there is improvement, assess what is being scanned and go from there. That about as specific as I can be given the lack of detail on upgrade process used, config, ect.

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            I had major issues with 10.5 deployed on some systems.  I was able to get system performance back by resetting a set of test policies back to McAfee defaults.  I then enabled Enforcement in the ATP Options policy, and ensured that both Real Protect cloud and client scanning were enabled. 

            So far i have it deployed on 4500(ish) systems and I've only had to write three exclusions.  To the point, I'm finding that exclusions slow down ENS 10.5 rather than speed it up.  You're better off running without any or very few, than all of the exclusions that your vendor tells you that you need.  We've adjusted our policies so that we won't accept an exclusion unless a proven performance impact can be shown.  This includes SQL and Exchange.  ENS 10.5 is running quite nicely.

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