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    real trouble with ports

      Hi All,

      Please help me!!!! I have deployed a new EPO 3.6 server and trying to push epo agents to 200+ servers. I have opened the required ports + 445 (netbios) however it fails to push agents.

      The setup iam working in has many VLAN's and the default firewall rule is block all & open only required ports. I need to tell the "god damn" network guy how this pushing of agents works and accordingly he will help me.

      Also, the epo server by itself is not listening on 8082 (agent broadcast communication port) but it listens in other ports. (81, 81, 8081,8083, 8802).

      1. Can anyone guide me and explain how the communication happens when we right click on a client in EPO and choose "send agent install"
      2. How should I make the EPO server listen to port 8082?

      I am using a domain admin user account to push the agents.

      Kindly help me,