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    Installation Incomplete on Windows 10 (Brand New Laptop)




      I've just purchased a new Dell laptop, with Windows 10 Home (64 bit). The first thing I have attempted to do is to protect my laptop, and so I logged onto my McAfee account to install my version of Total Protection. I seems to download it, but then says "Installation Incomplete. We couldn't install any of the security features included with your software. To fix this, you can: Try installing them again". I have tried several times now and the same thing happens. I have tried the Virtual Technician. I have also tried the McAfee Consumer Removal Tool, then tried a fresh install... Nothing.


      A little Googling has thrown up a few things, but I don't know if any of them would apply to me as this is literally a brand new machine. Installing McAfee is the first thing I have tried to do.


      Any help greatly received.