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    Mfeatp and mfetie process : Very high memory usage




      We are currently testing ENS 10.5 and 10.2 on a lot of servers.


      Even if ens is working well, we recently found a strange issue with both mfetie (10.2) and mfeatp (10.5) process.


      We have servers that are showing ... 11 GB of ram (for a total of 16) used by one of these two. I even found a server where mfeatp tooks 28 Gb of ram (on a total of 64)


      The server reboot solves the issue. bur for some of them, not for all cases.


      Actually, McAfee asked me for a dump for this case  but it's very difficult to proceed as requested.because of the need to be physically present in front of the computer or also as generating a dump crash is not allowed on some of them.


      So i'll document the case with all informations i could upload (mer files) but i would like to know if someone else is seing this issue on it's own domain ?


      Last DXL Client

      Last TIE Server

      Agent 5.0.4 installed BUT not the last hotfix (449)


      thanks for your answer,