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    Surface Pro 4 Issue with Drive Encryption 7.2


      We are facing issue with Surface Pro 4 with DE 7.2. After installing DE 7.2, when it asks for restart, after restarting it cannot load windows and asks for Repair.


      In UEFI Settings if we change Secure boot option from Microsoft only to None. Then only it works. But it shows Lock icon open when it starts and which is not secure option.


      So we need solution, that works with Microsoft or Microsoft 3rd Party CA.


      Please find the screenshot of the same,



      Currently Running


      McAfee Agent: 5.0.4

      Drive Encryption 7.2


      Model: Surface Pro 4

      OS: Windows 10 Pro  Operating system reported as: Windows 6.2

      BIOS reported as: Microsoft Corporation, 106.1414.768 (12/06/2016)