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    Virus Problems... WITH Mcafee Installed


      As you can see in the title I have viruses that are making my PC doing very unusual things like making my Task Manager blank, changing my Homepage, and basically rendering my Computer Useless.


      I couldn't install Mcafee to it, so I ran Adwcleaner and finally managed to get Mcafee Total Protection operational... All the frustration lead to relief and gained hope that Mcafee would be able to delete all the viruses and malware from my computer... I started to Scan my PC and left it running overnight. In the morning, after it finished I restarted my Computer and you would think everything is fine by now.... but nope! multiple tabs opened up saying this failed to open and that failed to open... I just closed them, thinking it would go away when Mcafee is running in the background. I opened my Chrome browser and it was like empty darkness, it was basically a black screen but the tab shows that it was loaded... I restarted Chrome and It was fine again.. I was beginning to worry Mcafee didn't do it's job properly so I ran Adwcleaner again and there were more Malware than before.... deleted them and then started the scanning for Mcafee and left it running overnight again... In the next morning I looked to the Mcafee tab and said it was Paused (probably because of Malware, I'm alone in an apartment so no other person would just pause it)... I was so frustrated.... So I just resumed it and waited in front of my computer for a good 4 to 5 hours watching youtube videos. After that it just scanned and deleted only 1 malware... I rembered during scanning it showed 3 potentially harmful programs and 2 infected files... I just thought it wasn't showing the number correctly. I just pressed finished and then restarted my computer... after that popups were still there, task manager was still blank, I have Programs randomly installed now, and Mcafee saying there are viruses in my PC and decided to remove it so I tapped ok. I opened my Chrome browser and I realized I couldn't connect to the internet even though everything else could  (check with phone my iPad and iPhone, they all connected to internet perfectly fine)


      Restart the computer again... but this time with an even slower start up and black screen. Waited for about 3-4 minutes and the following events recurred that was said previously... restarted my computer again and it fixed how my Internet was but my screen stuttered and looked refreshed, and thought that would only mean something was installed in my computer, ran Adwcleaner (found 10+ malware) and restarted my computer... Internet was not connected so I restarted it again... and it seemed like it was getting worse every time I shut it down... so  before my PC decides to randomly disconnect me from my internet... I am typing this message to the Mcafee Community as fast as I can to get a solution


      Now my Question is How do you deal with this?


      Windows 8.1 Single Language

      8.00 BG installed RAM

      64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor


      Installed anti-virus: Mcafee Total Protection

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          Best scan with several of the free scanners

          Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

          Adwcleaner is 1 but please install and run getsusp setting your email in the preferences so it can get Mcafee to update you on anything it finds.


          Also clean out all you browser caches and widows and internet temp files.

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            GetSusp is taking an abnormally long period of time looking for suspicious files without showing any progress, so I stopped the scan and even doing that took longer. And then I started it up again, this time it's showing progress and immediately found the Suspicious FIles(9) with an Unknown(1). It didn't really do anything except telling that I have a virus in my Computer..


            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

            <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="Logs\GetSusp.xsl"?>

            <!-- GetSusp Results -->



              <product_name value="GetSusp" />

              <version value="" />

              <date_run value="Sat Jan 28 18:24:43 2017" />



              <osversion value="Microsoft Windows 8  (build 9200), 64-bit" />

              <windir value="C:\Windows" />

              <sysdir value="C:\Windows\system32" />

              <computername value="DJ" />



              <email-id value="akatsuki1ninja4uchiha@gmail.com" />


            <scan-end-time value="Sat Jan 28 18:32:09 2017" />


              <Identified-Files value="575" />

              <Digitally-Signed value="539" />

              <Artemis value="25" />

              <Known-Files-Database value="0" />

              <Suspicious-Files value="9" />

              <Not-Scanned value="2" />



              <Online value="1" />

              <Silent value="0" />

              <Contains-Sample value="1" />

              <KFDB-Connected value="0" />

              <Proxy-Enabled value="0" />

              <Execution-Path value="C:\Users\DJA\Downloads" />

              <Zip-Path value="C:\Users\DJA\Downloads" />




            Can't really clear browser caches because now I can't even properly load a page( even it's settings can't be accessed)


            I don't really know what to do now... I still need help with this problem....

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              Getsusp is not designed to (Remove) any Malware/adware, only to report it,s presence on one,s machine.. Kindly proceed to run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free) Version/Followed up by running Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, as PK suggested.. They should resolve your problems.


              Please inform us if you need further assistance.

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                Ran Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner.... they found the threats... restarted the computer and I still have programs freaking out... can't open this and can't open that... Browsers not working properly... basically it's still the same...


                Further assistance is needed...

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                  Have you tried reverting back to an earlier time before you started experiencing such? If you do so make sure you are current with all of your Windows/Mcafee Updates/Add-ons. If that does not resolve your issues, then it may be beneficial to run the (Farbar Recovery Tool) and provide it to Bleeping Computer.com. As they are experts at dealing with such issues.


                  In addition it is (Free) opposed to having to pay McAfee to do.

                  Try setting your Browser to the (Default ) settings also.

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                    The software mentioned earlier, Malwarebytes Free can be downloaded, installed, updated and run all in "Safe Mode with Networking", - to reach that mode reboot and click F8 continually when the "Post" screen or the OS menu (if a multi-boot setup) appears.

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                      Colleague Ex_Brit is indeed correct, I neglected to mention you could run the Software in Safe Mode with Networking. It is worth giving it a try at least.

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                        By the way, with reference to the title of your thread.  No antivirus is 100% guaranteed to stop everything out there.  You have to be very careful with downloads, where you surf the Internet, what files you share etc. etc.  A good antivirus protects against the billions of known threats out there, but can't cover all as new variants appear daily and some work only through user (your) interaction.  So be very careful.

                        I outlined all that in the link that Peacekeeper gave you in reply #1.

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                          Could you kindly apprise us if you need further assistance? If not we can only assume this thread to be answered.


                          Thank You


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