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    LiveSafe's hwupdchk.exe taking 25% cpu


      While I'm generally happy with LiveSafe, that is to say that I haven't had any outside interference with my computer, there are some areas where I'm very unhappy. The most recent is three-fold


      1) I've noticed sluggishness in my computer and I've traced it to hwupdchk.exe consuming a constant 25% of my cpu time. This is "McAfee HackerWatch Update Helper". It's 25% from the time I turn the machine on until I turn it off, connected or not.


      2) Security History sub-program is a piece of junk. It takes anywhere from 10 - 25 minutes (that's when I quit) to load one page of 25 "events" and an approximately equal time for each page. With 1000 - 1500 events I don't have enough time left in my life to view a full day. And at times (maybe 5% - 10% of the time) it displays incomplete information. (So I wrote my own program and get all 1500 displayed in about 1 minute.)


      3) I have been trying for 2 days to contact tech support on-line and can't get through.


      Does anyone have any idea how to fix any of these things?



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          What country are you in?

          That process is associated with Hackerwatch i.e. your Firewall.  Maybe their website is down temporarily.

          Run the Virtual Technician to see if it finds and fixes problems for you.


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            The problem has been corrected but I don't know how. McAfee tech support was zero help. After trying to end the process - access denied I restarted in safe mode to the command prompt in order to try to delete hwupdchk.exe. That failed because not all files are accessible in that mode. However, after restarting normally things seem to be back to normal.


            This had been going on for at least 3 days and there were at least a half dozen restarts during that time so it was entering safe mode and the restart from there that did the trick.


            Go figure.



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              You have to turn off Access Protection in Navigation > General Settings and Alerts in order to change or stop any process involving the software.

              But you seem to have got around it by other means, so good for you   

              BTW if at first support is no help, call them back, give them the session ID # from the previous session and ask for escalation.

              All the best  ;-)