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    Two errors with EPO policy.

      For some reason i get these two errors after i installed my NEW EPO server and restored the database to the new Server:

      Error downloading policy translation file for VIRUSCAN8600. Do you want to continue?

      Error downloading http://EPOSERVER:8881/Data/VIRUSCAN8600/Policy.tpl file

      Any Help?

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          you havent checked vse 8.5 naps into the server yet
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            could you kindly explan what needs to be done?
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              when you setup the new server you have to check in all the products you were prev using again, if not then you get this error for each one.

              The error you are getting would indicate you do not have the VSE 8.5 package and naps checked in, so check them in following the procedure laid down in the readme.
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                Thanks for your help, however i cant find them in the readme, is there a link you can point me to?

                Thanks again
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                  well for epo 3.6.xx its like this:

                  ePolicy Orchestrator
                  1. This version of VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i is
                  compatible with ePolicy Orchestrator version
                  3.5.0 or later. The ePolicy Orchestrator Agent
                  version 3.6 or later must be deployed to client
                  computers before you deploy VirusScan

                  2. This version of VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i
                  provides two .NAP files that must be added to
                  the ePolicy Orchestrator repository. These files
                  are included in the VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i
                  installation package and can be found in the
                  location where you downloaded the files:

                  - VSE850.NAP.
                  - VSE850REPORTS.NAP. This file is an extended
                  reports .NAP file.

                  3. To install the VSE850REPORTS.NAP file to the

                  a. Use the ePolicy Orchestrator Check-In Wizard
                  to add the VSE800Reports.NAP file to the

                  b. If applicable, log out of the Reporting

                  c. In the ePolicy Orchestrator installation
                  directory, delete REPORTVERSIONS.SQL file
                  from the AVI directory.

                  d. Log in to the Reporting Console using "ePO

                  e. Click "Yes" to download the new reports.
                  Repeat Steps b through e for every computer
                  running the remote ePolicy Orchestrator

                  For EPO 4.0 its slightly diff, but you havnt said which version you are using