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    Agent Communication


      I am experiencing an issue on one of my ePO servers. From the server, I am able to install a MA on a remote client. The ePO server task log reports a successful completion, and I can log in to the remote client and observe the MA installed. Further, I can open the MA status monitor and observe it opening a session with ePO, collecting and sending props, and closing the session. Additionally, from the ePO console, I am able to send a wake-up to the MA which reports as completed successfully.


      However, in the system tree, the client still shows up as "unmanaged." As such, I am unable to manipulate the agent in any ways -- I cannot install VSE or apply any policies. The only oddity I've seen in any logs was in one of the logs on the client (paraphrasing): "Process MFEVTPS ... was blocked from accessing create ... via the rule Sanitize MFEVTP Service Process"


      NOTE: Because of the sensitivity of the system in question, I am unable to post any logs (hence the paraphrasing).


      Please advise!