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    Emergency boot in 21st century


      Hi All,


      Recently I had few cases where the PBFS was corrupted like:

      Fatal error [ee02000a] Chain sector invalid (during preboot)

      There was another error before the pre-boot which I do not remember by heart at the moment but again is related to the same problem with corrupted PBFS.


      So whenever we have this issue we generally have two options:

      1) Decrypt the disk and then save the so desired company data (which generally is pictures of the dog ( these are quite important! I have a dog as well! ))

      2) Use EETECH (standalone) to boot the system and then sync the framework package with ePO.


      However, the problem is that EETECH (standalone) is not easy to build and it is dependable on the USB stick that you use. I had a case in the past when the USB stick just did not work.

      As well, what we have is PXE boot image with eetech which we use to boot the system over the network and decrypt. Let's just say that our onsite support does not have write access to USB, CD or any media.


      So the question is, have anyone figured out how to perform emergency boot from the standard eetech winpe disk or it necessarily needs to be a standalone media?


      Thank you for you help!




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