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    Getting Virus Removal on my PC


      I was having trouble installing Mcafee and so contacted support. After he checked my PC through remote control he said that I have a Virus in my System. He also said in my product details, he saw that I had a free Virus Removal included with the subscription purchased. Now he tried to contact their Virus Removal Team so that they will help me remove infections for free, but after he checked he said that they will not be able to access my computer due to some technical issues with the server. He said that I should contact them after 24 hours to get the Virus removed.


      Now after I ended the session with him and now I don't know how to get that free Virus Removal Service because there was nothing else in my Profile, just the Total Protection. When I got to the Virus Removal page doesn't say anything that I have the free Virus Removal. I tried checking it in my Profile but I didn't really see anything obvious that has the free service.


      My problem is just how do I get this free Virus Removal that was said to be included in my purchase. Finding that will help me proceed removing this virus and being able to install my Mcafee Total Protection to my PC.

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          McAfee Virus Removal Service is not free and never has been so I suspect you inadvertently spoke to one of the many fake firms that have sprung up around the world advertising themselves as the real McAfee.

          Did they give you a session ID # ?   If so post it and I will have someone check it.   Also please post the type of operating system you are using.

          All McAfee Consumer Services are here:  McAfee Consumer Support

          I suggest you run MalwareBytes Free and their AdwCleaner, both linked here (see Free 3rd Party Tools), also run McAfee Stinger linked there:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

          Uninstall all McAfee that may be showing in Control Panel > Programs and Features

          Run the cleanup tool MCPR, reboot

          Try to reinstall from your online account.

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            the session ID might be this: 2167889557



              WIndows 8.1 Single Language


            I have tried every single possible solution found on this page. I have tried the Pre-install tool, Virtual Technician, MCPR and Stinger. None of them worked. I was always stuck at 80 percent and fail installation, after that in desperation looking for an online solution I went to post on different forums and this was the only one to answer.


            I actually found these 3rd party programs online way before you answered, and it worked! Adwcleaner was the only one I had to use and it fixed my problem! Unfortunately all my shortcuts got messed up, like some became visible when they are supposed to be hidden folders, shortcuts on the taskbar got replaced by malware shortcuts, even on my Start program. I think I just need to reinstall the browsers or just update them and they'll remake the shortcuts.


            Thank you for your Help I'm just going to mark this Answered now.

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              OK so all is well now apart from the cleanup?

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                Locking this discussion as it has been marked 'Correctly Answered' The OP has also created another thread referring to the same topic.

                Here; Getting Virus Removal on my PC