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    Getting Virus Removal on my PC


      I was having trouble installing Mcafee and so contacted support. After he checked my PC through remote control he said that I have a Virus in my System. He also said in my product details, he saw that I had a free Virus Removal included with the subscription purchased. Now he tried to contact their Virus Removal Team so that they will help me remove infections for free, but after he checked he said that they will not be able to access my computer due to some technical issues with the server. He said that I should contact them after 24 hours to get the Virus removed.


      Now after I ended the session with him and now I don't know how to get that free Virus Removal Service because there was nothing else in my Profile, just the Total Protection. When I got to the Virus Removal page doesn't say anything that I have the free Virus Removal. I tried checking it in my Profile but I didn't really see anything obvious that has the free service.


      My problem is just how do I get this free Virus Removal that was said to be included in my purchase. Finding that will help me proceed removing this virus and being able to install my Mcafee Total Protection to my PC.