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    What's wrong with these links?


      I was attempting to provide references on a posting I made regarding a Chrome/WebEx  vulnerability on the web gateway forum.    It seems the community software is very convinced I'm doing something bad.




      Links are  (replaced t with X to get them to be accepted here)

      hXXps://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/Critical+Vulnerability+in+Cisco+WebEx+Chrome+P lugin/21965/1#38793



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          I will attempt to ask the Enterprise Community Administrator/Manager to add to the discussion?  The Jive platform has been acting peculiar the last few days.


          tiffany  Could you kindly add to the discussion?





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            In the absence of any response from on high I can tell you that this Jive platform resolves links in a strange manner sometimes, it's a known issue.   It would be best to type the name you want for that link, then highlight it and click the Link symbol (see illustration - click to enlarge) to add the actual URL and make that text into a hyperlink.   That said, some links containing certain codes are not permitted at all for security reasons.  I learned that back when I moderated here.