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    Endpoint Security 10.5 Firewall VPN


      Dear all


      I am experiencing problems with the firewall configuration, VPN connection.


      I have a Pulse Secure V5.1.3 (56743)

      Testing on W7 and W10 machines, same result not able to establish VPN connection.


      First question, how do McAfee establish if the connection type is wired, wireless or virtual?

      The thing is that I have my VPN and only virtual ticked but I noticed that its actually seen as a LAN connection.

      Running ipconfig

      Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connector* 2:

      Then under Description..... : Microsoft WI-FI Direct Virtual Adapter


      This to me indicates that I need to in the policy for firewall need to have Wired and Virtual ticked, but for my VPN group shouldn't I just have virtual?

      Or do I need to add in regedit something to tell the system that it is actually virtual or somewhere else.


      I have in the policy all rules, then a LAN group, a VPN group.


      I also asking if some of you had luck using Pulse Secure v 5.1.3 (56743) in combination with Endpoint Security 10.5.

      If was it a higher newer version of Pulse or same as me.

      This all worked fine in HIPS 8.x, so shouldn't be any issues in 10.5.


      Also any differences between W7 and W10 running Endpoint Security firewall with VPN groups and Pulse above version?

      And following info from McAfee

      1 Rules for basic connection

      2 VPN connection rules

      3 Group with corporate LAN connection rules

      4 Group with VPN connection rules

      Do I really need to have VPN rules outside my VPN group?

      Did not have this in HIPS



      All help will be most appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.