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      i have a problem with List.Lastmatches.


      I tried to figure out which elements is matched in an IpRangeList


      I used:


      stop rule set if client.ip is not in range list IPLIST


      set element = list.lastmatches  (element is string)


      Using rule trace i can see list.lastmatches returns null.....


      cat i use  list.lastmatches  only with stringlists?



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          You can use it with IP Range lists as well. Are you really doing a "Client.IP is not in range list..."? If so, there is no match, so List.LastMatches has nothing to add. I have tried "Client.IP is in range list..." and it correctly wrote the matching entry into a user-defined property as a string.




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            This seems to be a bug. (7.5.2)


            If I try it my way this won't work.

            If there is no match in the first rule I'd like to finish executing the ruleset.

            If there is a match I expect this will be stores in the list.lastmatches property.

            and I can read it by the next rule.


            This does not work.


            If a say 

            if client.ip is in range list IPLIST then set element = list.lastmatches

            everthing is ok.

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              Hey Frank,


              unfortunately I don't understand what you try to do :-) Are you able to send me your rule set so that I can replicate the problem? Then I can hopefully tell you more.