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    Installation Date


      In December, an update gave me a newer McAfee interface.  It went from the light blue w/ green trim, to one that was blue and orange trim.   On Jan. 11 an update took about 10 mins., which is about 9:30 longer than they usually take, and it brought back the older green interface.   Since then, I've been having an issue.   Suddenly my browser will loose connection to  web sites.  The browser wheels are spinning so the wifi signal is working, it's just not loading the web page.  I have to reboot and that kicks it back into place.  And it keeps happening, either five minutes after a reboot or two hours.  No telling when it will happen.


      I've done everything I could to fix this; and I mean everything.  But nothing works, including installing new adapter software and driver.    It's not a browser issue because it effects IE and Firefox.  And it's not a wifi issue.   I assumed it to be a Windows 8.1 issue.


      While the browser is spinning it's wheels I can open anything else - the clock, battery or any software - but if I click on the McAfee icon it will not open.


      I do have the McAfee WebAdvisor BHO, but it's disabled.   I checked the Uninstall or change a program window, it was (somehow) installed in December.  But what's even more interesting is that my McAfee Internet Security was installed on Jan. 11, 2017 -- the day this started happening.   But I've had McAfee for years.  This current subscription started about a year ago.   Why does it say it was installed on Jan. 11?   Is it because it took me back to the older interface that I had up until December?   Should the installation date be Jan. 11?  If so, why?  If not, does that mean something's wrong and it should be uninstalled and reinstalled? (No, my subscription end date was not advanced.)


      I have run the Virtual Technician and everything checks out.  I also turned off the update notification thinking that was somehow triggering this, but it wasn't.



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          I have seen this posted a few times recently where you get the new interface and it resets back to the old 1. I will look into the threads but till think two possibilities

          1. reset firewall to defaults. That is open Mcafee security center and Web and Email Protection and firewall and restore defaults

          2. Call support and ask them to log issue they should have it on their issue list.

          Call Support


          Open your main interface and click on the word that says "About" on the bottom right corner, It should tell you information about your McAfee product and version numbers. Also check your Affid, if it is not "0" then you may not always get the latest version unless your affiliate updates it. Post the security centre version and affid no please.


          Re Interface you were told this 1 week back


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            I mentioned the part about the changing of the interface in this thread to fully explain what happened just prior to the browser suddenly losing connection on Jan. 11.  Happened over 20 times since then.  I did call McAfee last week and was told there is nothing wrong with the changing of the interface but that their technicians are "working on it."


            I'll try clicking default in the firewall settings, thanks.


            McAfee Security Center is 15.3 and Affid is 0.  I have updates set up to notify me, and FWIW I don't think I've been getting the notification as much as I usually did.  But again, everything is "current" and has been.   That said, I just checked the update window and it said the next update was supposed to be 15 mins ago.   So it didn't engage.  (I did the update manually.)


            But I'm wondering about the Internet Security installation date.   Why is it Jan. 11 when it was installed a year ago?



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              Re the date that is past this dumb aussie sorry. Though I would not worry as subscription date correct. It would be the interface changing they (McAfee) are working on getting it and 15.1 working. 15.3 is actually 14.0.r12.


              re 15.3 is there another number above that ie 14.0.R12?

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                For McAfee Internet Sec., yes, it's version 14.0 release name: 14.0 R12

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                  Thought so as IS and total protection only at 15.1 and not many at that.

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                    I spoke to McAfee.  They said the date of installation had to do with the reverting back to the old interface.  So if/when I get the new interface, the installation date should reflect that date.

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                      Thanks for the clarification