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    How to add a items to the "Trusted Items" list?


      I have McAfee LiveSafe (it came pre-installed with my Intel-processor computer).

      I am learning to program in C, so I create executable files (applications). McAfee is marking all of those as possible viruses when I compile them and immediately quarantining them. I finally found out how to get to "Quarantined and Trusted Items" and found all my programs in the "Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs" list. So I can remove them from the list, but it still quarantines any new applications I create. There is a "Trusted Items" list, but it  only has a greyed-out "Remove From Trusted List" button. I want to add add the folder I am saving my C programs to to the "Trusted Items" so it doesn't scan them.


      So how do I add a folder/file to the Trusted Items list?

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