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    Updating ePO Agent

      I recently updated the copy of ePO Agent on our server, however only new machines appear to install this version, those running the older copy stick with it, despite a domain wide Product Update job which has the All Packages option selected.

      Why is the agent not being updated?
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          I seem to be having the same problem, using epo 4.0 and agent on clients. Firstly deploying the agent on PC's which have previously been configured with another epo server. The 'deploy agent' function would't work, the client would still be looking at the old epo server but executing tasks sent by the new server. The only way I got the agents to work was to remotely execute an update (using psexec to remotely execute mcupdate.exe). Now I have the agents installed my next problem is keeping them up to date. I tried Global updating, which didn't work. I then created a client task to do the update, again didn't work.

          Must also point out that at one point I had to reinstall the NIC driver which temporarily gave the epo server a DHCP address, I then changed it back and checked log files to make sure the agents were trying to talk to the same IP address, which they are.

          Hope someone has some suggestions.
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            It's the "deployment" task that updates the epo agent. The task you are describing does dat updates, patch updates, etc. You need to look for your "deployment" task and you'll see the option to "Ignore, Remove, or Install" next to your different products.
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              So I need to create a new Immediate deployment task for the ePO Agent each time I update it?
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                Do you mean a client task?

                I have my computers organised from an Active Directory Sync, so am only testing 1 OU with about 12 computers in it, so I have created a client task just for that OU, so have disable global updating as I'm still testing.

                Updates now seem to be going on the computers, problem is they're nearly always 1 days later that the DAT was released, even though randomization is set every hour. I find a reboot of a problem PC generally runs and update on start up and get the computer up to date, this also happens with the server too.
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                  I'm not sure what version you have, but in 3.61 I have a "Product Deployment Task" on all my group's in the directory. After a fresh install of EPO it's the only task that exists. It's called "Deployment", and it lists all the products you have in your repository. Such as, ePO Agent, Virusscan Enterprise, AntiSpyware Enterprise Module, etc. And the options are only Ignore, Install, Remove for each.
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                    This is just my confusion over where updates are used to update and installs are used to (what I think of as) update.

                    I have a deployment task running and it all seems to be good now.
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                      I'm on ePO 4, which seems to be a far departure from 3.x.x.

                      I find the documentation very difficult to digest...