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    No Support?


      Today's date is 01-18-2017. I had McAfee LiveSafe on my computers for several years and it had seemed to work fine. This past September after I renewed the subscription the program failed to load on my new Win10 machine. I got the error message that said the software was not compatible. On My Win 8.1 machine I kept getting nagware that said my subscription had expired, yet the program remained functional. I have since sent McAfee about 20 emails trying to get support for these problems. Every time I send an email a new case number is assigned and I never hear anything back. I have uninstalled the program from my computers and asked for a refund of my subscription fee, but again, no answer. 

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          Could you please provide the last (Service request number?) In addition it is best that you contact support via Phone/Online Chat. It is by far the quickest. Please ask for customer Service, as they can assist you in regards to your Account/Renewal. The link is at the bottom of the Community Page.


          I might also please make sure there is no other additional Security software installed on your machine. Running 2 Anti-Virus applications can cause Conflicts/Clashes.


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              The last service request number from 01-11-17 is SR-2158016431.


              I have the same software on my Win 8.1 machine that I had when I first installed LiveSafe so there should be no conflicts there. I had no other security software installed on the Win 10 machine as it was new so conflicts there are impossible.


              I am an old man (75) and nearly deaf. I cannot use the phone for that reason and rely on email for communication.

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                I am sorry to hear that. Could you try the (Online Chat) option? As you can basically type and allow them to assist you. The usual wait time is generally only 3-5 minutes. I will ask a Tier 2.5 Technician to add to this discussion.


                selvan  Could you kindly assist this user please?

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                  I much prefer the email system of communicating. If McAfee cannot accommodate me on that then I guess our communications are at an end and I can consider their promise of money back as another lie (my new security program found 27 malware programs on my supposedly safe computer). They should do whatever the customer needs to insure that they remain a customer. They have not done that with me and I will never ever again buy anything from McAfee or Intel Security. Because they have not refunded my purchase price as promised I will have to put them on my thieves list too.