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    More DMZ Agent Handler Questions


      Sorry but I am pretty new at the AH game and need some assistance as I have not had any training on ePO or AH in particular. I am actually referencing this article Re: How to setup a McAfee ePO Agent Handler in DMZ  and find myself in the the beginning stages of getting it going.


      What I am looking for to get off the ground is this step absolutely required ....

      Have a published DNS record created for access from internet-based agent.

      Does this record have to be published on external DNS like Akami or something  ... I am assuming that the IP address of the AH would be published in the updated SiteList.xml file and the agent would home on that IP ... please correct if I am wrong ...



      Another question .. as our staff roams more and more in and out of our network (WFH and back to the office regularly for instance), would I have to setup some sort of dynamic tagging in order to move laptops in and out of the System Tree location where I have setup the policy for machines logging in through our VPN and hence utilize the AH ... Is there some "Best Practice" document on how to setup policies and such for a roaming workforce ?


      Thanks in advance!