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    Screen time rules


      I started using McAfee Safe Family a week ago. So far, I like it. But I thought there should be finer control over screen time:

      1. Instead of rules per child, I would prefer rules per device. My elder child has 2 devices: a phone and a tablet. The usage profiles for a phone and a tablet are different, so should the screen time rules.
      2. I think Fridays and Sundays should be treated differently. To me, Friday night is the beginning of the weekend, so I would want to allow a later stop time than the other weekdays. Similarly, I treat Sunday night as the beginning of the school days, so I would want to set an earlier stop time than Saturday (and even Friday). Maybe one solution is to allow rules to be set for every day of the week separately.
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            hi thongsia,

            #1. Please provide more insight into #2 and around which rules would be different between a tablet and a phone? we saw rules like no porn, no social networking apps applying across all devices the child can access. is it just around screen time rules? would like to understand more about this.

            #2. thanks for your input, we're experimenting with different ways to set the rules and we've seen a lot of feedback around more flexibility with the screen time rules from a day and time perspective. we'll take your feedback as we continue to evolve our design around this functionality.


            thanks and please keep the feedback coming,


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