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    Assistance with Blocked Category bypass


      Hi Guys,


      We have a block list for Categories as most companies would have, within this rule list is media streaming. The Issue I have is that I now need to allow a number of You Tube videos to all users.


      So in the URL Filtering Rule we have the -  Block URLs Whose Category is in Category Block List rule


      Just above that I have my new rule - Allowed URL YouTube Videos.


      The contents being 


      Name: Allowed_URL_YouTube_Videos

      Comment: Allows access to all to listed YouTube videos

      Rule Criteria:
      Authentication.UserGroups contains "Internet_StandardAccess" AND
      URL matches in list Allowed_URL_YouTube_Videos

      Action: Stop Rule Set



      So in my head if a user goes to a You Tube video that's listed in my (Allowed_URL_YouTube_videos) list then the rule should fire stopping  the rule set and allowing access to the You Tube video.


      The error I get is that the site continues to be blocked by the Block URLS Whose Category is in the Category Block list even though this rule set is further down the chain and should not be being hit.


      Any ideas would be really helpful, Thanks