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    Has anyone had any success with the API wake up calls using python?


      My wake up calls just hang if the system is off line.   I tried using the abortAfterMinutes parameter, but it hasn't had any effect.   Here is a snippet of the code:


           mc=mcafee.client(ePOServer, ePOPort, ePOUserName, ePOUserPwd)

          print  "Success!" + ePOServer + "connected\n"

          y = mc.system.wakeupAgent(sys.argv[1],abortAfterMinutes=2)

          print "result of wakeupAgent " + str(y)



      I see the print that I'm connected, but then nothing after that.    If the system is online, I get an expected result.   Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.   Thanks!