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    ePO 5.3.2 Backup and Recovery


      We have ePO 5.3.2 using SQL Express 2012.

      We currently back up the Express database manually by periodically logging into the ePO server and using the SQL Management Studio GUI and then backup the directories listed in the KB at McAfee Corporate KB - kb66616 as well as the database backup file using Windows server backup

      This has been pretty labor intensive.


      I know ePO 5.3 has a Disaster Recovery Snapshot snapshot feature, but it's disabled because we use SQL Express. Does it work with SQL Express?

      If we use the snapshot feature, do we also need to backup the files in the KB and can it be configured to save the snapshot on a remote share so it isn't lost if the ePO server completely crashes?


      What passwords do you need have to use to recover the ePO server other than ePO admin credentials?


      What steps are required to restore a failed epo server?

      My guess is:

      1.  install a new Windows server,

      2.  install SQL express,

      3.  restore the database

      4.  install the ePO server software,


      What do you do with the files you backed up from KB66616?


      However, I need more detail so that we can get up and running as quickly as possible after loss of the server.

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          The referenced KB has all the answers other than the Disaster Recovery Snapshot. You have to backup the folders because they contain your certs, software repository, and agent ID's. If you don't have these you basically have to start over from scratch, including redeploying all the software to your endpoints. Yikes!

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            How can we enable the disaster recovery snapshot with SQL Express 2012?  The snapshot feature is grayed out in the console.

            The product guide says:


            "McAfee does not recommend enabling Disaster Recovery Snapshot scheduling with the Microsoft SQL Server Express Editions because of the data file size limitations. The maximum data file size for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is only 4 GB and 10 GB for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012 Express Editions."


            However, our database size is well under 10GB and if it was over 10GB, we would have to upgrade from Express regardless of using the snapshots anyway.

            So, I don't understand how size limitations matter if our ePO database is not oversized for SQL Express.

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              Hello web1b,

              based on the limitations with Microsoft SQL Server express a EPO database snapshot is not supported using this version of SQL Server.

              If you want to use this feature move your EPO Database to a full version of Microsoft SQL server.

              KB81740 shows you this information. The Server Task for the snapshot is automatically disabled when using SQL express and enabled again if the DB is moved to a Full version of MS SQL.


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                How can we migrate ePO database from SQL Express to SQL Server?