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    "df -h" Check File System Disk Space Usage.


      After I receive the output,how do i know the devices?(i.e.Which one is the ELM which is the NAS and which is the ACE server?)

      Below is just a example of the output format.

      Please help me as soon as possible.

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          Can you provide a little more information about your setup? 

          What device did you run this on?   Do you have several separate devices, a combo box?

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            The "df -h" command is run from the CLI of each device.

            Our implementation only uses physical single use appliances (no VM's and no Combo boxes).

            For example:

            from our ESM:


            The mounted drive for "/index_hd" is the SSD drive on the X6 where data is quickly processed

            The mounted drive for "data_hd" is the local storage on the X6

            The mounted drive for "/das1_hd" is the storage on our attached DAS which is cabled directly to the X6


            If I wanted to see the details from the ACE, APM, DEM, or any of my Receivers, I would have to SSH to them and run the same command.


            You can also see this and more by using the "Device Status" dashboard from the UI - select the Device itself from the Physical Display


            Current Hard Disk Utilization

               Mount                          Size       Available  Used       UsedPct  

               /                              2.0T       1.9T       56G        3%       

               /data_hd                       14T        2.9T       12T        80%      

               /das1_hd                       50T        13T        36T        75%      

               /index_hd                      3.2T       616G       2.6T       81%