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      I have Internet Security and when I opened it up, the Home window had seven "blocked" parts, four big squares (virus & Spyware, Web/email protection, Subscription and Updates) and to the right three smaller ones (data, PC Tools, Parental Ctrls).  And to the right of that, on top was Home, Navigation and Help.


      But a few weeks ago, after an update, it was all different. Colors were different.   A box for "Quick Clean" was on the bottom right of the main window.  In the previous version, I accessed Quick Clean via the Navigation button.


      Yesterday I got an update and instead of taking a few seconds, it must have taken 10 minutes, and now I'm back to the first interface.


      So is this normal?  Why was the interface changed, and then changed back again?


      I did run the MVT, no issues.



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          Hi Steve,

          It looks like you updated to the latest version of McAfee which in turned switched back to the old user interface. Try running a scan to make sure everything is fine.

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            Did quick and regular scan and a Malewarebytes scan, all came out clean.     Why would it take me back to the older version?

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              HI steve7  


              Open your main interface and click on the word that says "About" on the bottom right corner, It should tell you information about your McAfee product and version numbers. Also check your Affid, if it is not "0" then you may not always get the latest version unless your affiliate updates it. Also it may be the case that McAfee has delayed the roll out of the 15.1 product that has the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) with the blue color.

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                The About is within the Navigation tab, bottom of the list on the left,  because  I'm  on the older version, which I had up until about 4 wks ago and then came back yesterday.   I think the new version I had for the 4 weeks was blue with orange trim.   Wasn't light blue with green highlights that I have now with the older version.


                In About, there's 9 headings and each has it's own version:  Int. Sec is version 14, Sec. Center is 15.3,  A/V &Spy is 19 etc.   Only two have an Affid, McAfee Sec. Center and Web Advisor, and they're both 0.


                Should point something out.  Yesterday I installed printer software around the time the McAfee update came in.  Two hrs later, and three more times since then, my internet connection loses the web sites, the wheel keeps spinning and can't bring up the web site.  And it's sudden, everything will be fine and then connection is lost.    The signal is there, and is working, it's trying to access web sites but can not.  No web sites are coming through, not on IE or Firefox.   While this is happening, the McAfee window won't open when I click on the icon.   I don't even get the tiny heading when I hover over the icon with the cursor.   Everything else works, I can open files, open the volume controls, hover over the battery icon and get the percentage, open Notepad and can even "open" IE and Firefox, but the McAfee window won't open.

                Each time I rebooted and that fixes the problem, for the time being.


                Didn't mention this before because I thought it had to do with the printer software.  I was going to uninstall it, and will.   But since I can't open the McAfee software when the internet connection isn't making it through,  and since yesterday's update brought me back to the older interface, now I'm thinking it was the update.


                FWIW, when I try and print, with the printer off, I'm getting the window that the "printer isn't connected" but after about 10 or 15 seconds, then it begins to print.  So there's a delay.


                Just did another MVT check.  No problems found.


                I have my updates set up to notify me with the pop up window.   And I don't think that window has popped up since yesterday's interface changing update.  In fact, I think all four times I've lost the internet, would be around the time an update notification should have popped up.   So I think it's the notification that is triggering this.

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                  I called McAfee.  They said that there's nothing wrong with my interface going to a new one four weeks ago and back again to the old last week.  It's something their technicians "are working on."

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                    Yes,They are 'Enhancing' the New Installer. You are indeed correct.

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                      Hi SG,

                      I understand that the McAfee version on your PC is 14.0 R12 which is the latest and has the GUI as below. This is perfectly fine and has no issues with the security. The other user interface will be available at a later date through an Update/Upgrade.


                      McAfee GUI.png

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                        Yes, that's what it was until about four weeks ago when it changed to an newer version/"look."  Then last week, after an update, for some reason it switched back to the original one and still have it.  So I didn't understand why that happened and wanted to make sure it's ok.


                        Apparently my other issues are with Microsoft. 

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                          I'm back to the new interface, blue border on top, wide dark dark blue bar on the left, the main part, light blue with four white squared panels on the bottom.