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    FTP and HTTP Repository Pull IP addresses

      Does anyone have a master list of all the IP addresses that McAfee uses for FTP and HTTP repository pulls? I know the DNS names are ftp.nai.com and update.nai.com but the associated IP addresses seem to always be changing. We use a proxy server for Internet authentication but put in firewall rules for things that need to bypass it. So what's the best way then to put in firewall rules to allow McAfee updates without putting in a blanket rule to allow all outgoing 21 and 80 port traffic? I'd like to restrict the access just to those IPs that McAfee uses but they always seem to be changing.
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          I finally called support and they gave me the IP's of the load balancers.

          ftp.nai.com =
          update.nai.com =

          This makes it much easier to configure firewall rules.