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    Software Repository ePO Linux Agent Persistent Download URL?




      I am a Linux System Admin and in my organization we manage our Linux boxes with Puppet.  Naturally one of the management tasks is to ensure the ePO agent is installed on all systems.  So far our Security team has provided me with the ePO Linux installer file that they have downloaded from the ePO Web UI.  This manual process is time consuming and I have to imagine it can be improved upon.  Is there a persistent location for the current latest ePO agent on a software repository server?  It would be much better if I could tell puppet to pull from there or at least mirror the installer from a repository to somewhere else.


      I have asked my security team but they are not certain how to answer my question or perhaps I am asking it in the wrong way.  Ideally we'd have some kind of persistent or at least predictable URL.  Something like:


      http(s)://repository-server.example.com/asdjhfkjahlkjdshfasdf/epoagent-5.0.3-ins tall.sh


      -or even better-


      http(s)://repository-server.example.com/asdjhfkjahlkjdshfasdf/epoagent-latest-in stall.sh


      Thank you,