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    Error upgrading from 3.6.0 to 3.6.1

      Ladies, Gents,

      I'm doing an in place upgrade to 3.6.1 from 3.6.0. I'm getting an error at the step where I would enter the "Database Server Account." I enter the NT domain credentials which is the db_owner and db_securityadmin of the EPO database on a full blown SQL 2000 server.

      The logon info is correct as I've logged onto a domain workstation with it. I've verified it is specified as the db_owner and db_securityadmin of the EPO db on the SQL server. However when I enter the info and hit NEXT, it hangs for a minute and errors out with;

      Unable to make a connection to the database server.
      Verify that you provided the account credentials and database server name correctly, then try again.
      If this message continues to appear, see the ePolicy Orchestrator Installation Guide for more information.

      Here is the output from the trace.log

      20081121171924 Setting Database server to test as [SQLSVR\EPOSERVER].
      20081121171924 Calculating the DataSource for your SQL server.
      20081121171924 UDP port is enabled so using standard DataSource convention.
      20081121171924 Setting connection string DataSource to [SQLSVR\EPOSERVER].
      20081121171924 validating account domainx\epo
      20081121171924 success, token = 700
      20081121171924 set SID by RIDs:
      20081121171924 32
      20081121171924 544
      20081121171924 =>17afa8
      20081121171924 get sid name: 17afa8
      20081121171924 =>Administrators
      20081121171925 Group [ePO User Group] exists.
      20081121171925 User [domainx\epo] is already a member of Group [ePO User Group].
      20081121171925 MSDE/SQL using NT Authentication detected. Trying to impersonate NT credentials to MSDE/SQL Server.
      20081121171925 LogonUser () successful. Token = [708]
      20081121171925 ImpersonateLoggedOnUser () successful.
      20081121171925 SQL::connect to server SQLSVR\EPOSERVER
      20081121171925 Testing NT Authentication to SQL Server.
      20081121171945 Failed to connect to SQL Server [SQLSVR\EPOSERVER] with error code [0x80004005]
      20081121171945 Description for error code is [[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.]
      20081121171945 Failed to connect to SQL server using NT Authentication.
      20081121171945 RevertToSelf () successful. Impersonation was stopped.

      Now the strange part is the log is references "connecting to SQLSVR\EPOSERVER" but the database is actually SQLSVR\EPO. I don't know where its pulling that from. There is no database called EPOSERVER on the SQL 2K box. I checked CfgNaiMs (McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Server Configuration) and the database info is correct, SQL server name = SQLSVR and Database name = EPO and proper credentials from Adminstrator and Reviewer logons.

      Where else could it be pulling that database connection string from?