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    Re: Pause or Stop Mcafee Services


      I am having a very similar (if not exactly the same problem).


      I am on an Acer Aspire ES1-512, Windows 8 Operating system, and the laptop came preinstalled with various McAfee apps/services. Around the time of purchase (of laptop), I noticed that McAffee was sapping 50-60% CPU time, namely, the "McAfee Management Service". I have no clue what McAfee Management Service does, but it is sapping resources and therefore, to my eyes, it is a virus in itself: it is bad, McAfee Management Service is bad. 


      It would not be so bad if I could at least end the task. But I cannot. I thought McAfee Management Service could be gotten rid of my trying to manually remove each of the listed McAfee apps/services listed on the add/remove programs, but with the reboots it is still there but now with an ever-so-annoying pop-up by McAfee every time I reboot: mentioning something about resources not being able to be loaded. This is now very bad, since I cannot properly give this laptop to my father, whom it is/was intended for, since the error message would certainly confuse my father, which would lead to my father regularly calling me to help him work out what the error message it all about. McAfee sentiment status: very bad.


      Now, as a penultimately final resort I tried to uninstall all McAfee apps/services using it's (kindly invented) MCPR tool. This was just another failed lead, the MCPR tool hangs when trying to remove what it calls "VS". It hangs for ~3 hours, the testing period I gave it, before now joining this forum. 

      My guess to the cause of the hanging: inability to end task: "McAfee Management Service". Now I cannot test this hypothesis because I am probably missing the software that allows me to edit the access permissions to the task apropos, since I uninstalled many MacAfee apps/services. MacAffee sentiment status: extremely bad, terrible, atrocious.


      Would I now have to pay for these now uninstalled apps/services, in order to edit my access permissions to "McAfee Management Service"? Would anybody be able to tell me specifically what software I would need to edit these permissions via console?

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                                       Are you using the Consumer Product or the Corporate Product?  The Mcpr Tool only works on Consumer  Products  I noticed with-in your profile you had McAfee LiveSafe listed? Which (is) a Consumer Product.


                                        Please note that you are posting in the Corporate/Buisness Section.

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            Thank you catdaddy, I think I was using the Consumer Product. You say I have LifeSafe listed, fine, keep in mind that was a best guess of one of the possible services I had prior to using MCPR/manual uninstallations. Google took me to this section, and here is where I shall stay, unless otherwise pointed to an appropriate section's post that is similar in it's nature to the original post here. I am not going to go out of my way to find the appropriate Consumer section.

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              Just to clarify my thinking, Could you kindly look down in your Lower Tray by the Clock. See if you have a McAfee Icon (Red) Right click on it, open your McAfee Product. If you see it click on About, then kindly inform me of your product. Scroll Down and you will see 'McAfee Virus Scan', if you are using the (Consumer) product.


              In other words, if you are indeed using McAfee ( LiveSafe ) or another Consumer suite. I can move this thread for you, to get better exposure and assistance.