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    Listen Backlog Setting


      I am looking for any information about the Listen backlog setting in the web gateway UI under Configuration>Proxies>Advanced, Listen Backlog. By default it looks like this setting is 128. What does this setting actually do and what is the affect of increasing this setting? What would be a suggested increase and how could we determine

      the right value?




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          Is there any reason you plan to change this setting?


          Please note default values are best practice and work for most deployments. I haven't any reasonable case seen jet to change this value. Anyway the mouse over option show some more details:


          Listen backlog.png


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            This is something I am discussing with support because we are having issues with the web gateways not answering requests. They are suggesting that we change this setting from 128 to 1024 but there does not seem to be any documentation of explanation about this setting and the cause and affect of changing it.