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    ENS 10.2 uninstall fails with 16030


      Has anyone seen where ENS 10.2 fails to uninstall with the error code 16030?  Found the reference to the error but just says call McAfee support.


      Things tried


      Uninstall task from epo - fail

      Uninstall attempt locally from Add\Remove Programs - Fail

      Boot to safe mode, reattempted uninstall from Add\Remove Programs - Fail

      Attempted to uninstall using the MSI GUID string - Fail

      Push new McAfee ePO agent to endpoint (also confirmed agent is communicating and appears to be functioning normal), reattempted all above steps - Fail

      Removed McAfee agent from endpoint, attempted local uninstall - Fail


      Was able to resolve by reinstalling McAfee agent on the endpoint, and sending a install task for ENS 10.5, but that should not be the only fix and may not be an option to others experiencing this issue.




      Thanks in advance for any input!